Hello, I’m Andy O’Dore.
A product designer creating
jawns for Curalate.

Over the past 10+ years, I've worked with product teams, ad agencies, boutique design shops, and startups across a wide range of industries. I enjoy turning business needs, behavioral insights, and technology into beautiful products that people love. 🎈

Connecting visual content to commerce.

Curalate connects visual content to commerce throughout the customer journey to generate awareness, increase engagement, and drive revenue for brands. As a product designer, my job is to identify, investigate, and validate opportunities and ultimately craft, design, test and ship design solutions. I solve problems based on user research, while bearing business objectives in mind. We're a small product team and growing fast – we're hiring!

2014–Present  •  Product Design Lead  |  User Research  |  Interaction Design  |  Art/UI Direction

Great design starts with great designers.

I was lucky enough to redesign Think Brownstone's website during my time there. Our goal was to better represent this best-in-class UX consultancy, while giving a head nod to what got them there; thoughtful research-based design solutions cultivated on enduring values. 

2014  •  Experience Design Lead  |  Art/UI Direction  |  Interaction Design

Five indications, one solution.

ENBREL is the #1 biologic prescribed by rheumatologists and is used to treat five long-term inflammatory conditions. I was the Art Director responsible for extending that vision through various marketing initiatives while navigating the challenging Med/Legal landscape. At the time we launched Amgen’s first mobile website for consumers, redesigned their entire web presence, introduced champion golfer Phil Mickelson as an advocate, and provided the only foreign language site in the category.

2009–2013 •  Art Director |  Senior Designer  |  Interaction Design

Salesavvy is a one stop shop for finding coupons and sales. It aggregates coupons from official feeds, Twitter, Facebook and user submissions. This gig paired me with a developer in Austin that was building a network of coupon savings sites. Between the two of us, we named, designed, and built this site in 3 weeks.

2014  •  Product Design Lead  |  Art/UI Direction  |  Interaction Design

Take your weight loss further.

Belviq is the first new prescription diet drug in 13 years, offering a new alternative to aid weight loss for the nearly one in three Americans who are considered obese. I was responsible for launching it's web presence, marketing initiatives, advertisements, and support network.

2013  •  Art Director  |  Senior Designer  |  Interaction Design

Spiriva is used to prevent the narrowing of the airways in the lungs in people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), including bronchitis and emphysema. I was responsible for redesigning it's web presence, marketing initiatives, advertisements, and support network.

2012–2013  •  Art Director  |  Senior Designer  |  Interaction Design

Polishing a turd.

…literally. I redesigned the website in a week in order to win a pitch. It was a fun exercise that ultimately won us the business. It pays to stay loose under pressure. (awful pun intended)

2013  •  Art Director  |  Senior Designer  |  Interaction Design

Ahh, south philly memories. This illustration was meant to convey that period of life where I was working late at night and into the morning. Work smarter, not all night.

2012  •  Illustrator  |  Curiousity  |  Unused

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