Hello! I'm Andy O'Dore, a product designer at Facebook.

 Hangin' with that bean in Chicago.

Hangin' with that bean in Chicago.

At Facebook, I focus on people, design systems, and strategy. I'm also a mentor at Designlab and a founding member of PHLDesign. Previously, I was a design lead at Curalate, a senior experience designer at Think Company, and an art director at Evoke Health. …oh geez, you want more?

You might call me an end-to-end product designer. I enjoy collaborating with teams to turn business needs, behavioral insights, and technology into beautiful products that people love. I’m drawn to systemic product challenges and growing teams to tackle them.

Say hello, I’d love to chat. πŸ‘‹ …or, Schedule a time.


    Some pretty random things about me:

    • Apparently, I'm an ENFJ. Though, I'm more of an ambivert. If you're into this stuff.
    • My wife Liz β€“ "recruited" me. She was a former tech recruiter. 
    • We've got 2 cats, Neko & Stella. They still won't let me sleep.
    • I've run two marathons. My body still hurts.
    • I've done 3 Triathlons. But, I've since chilled out.
    • I took an 8 week Improv 101 class. Zip zap zop anyone?
    • I played the drums …in the marching band.
    • I marched in an indoor drumline. What the? It looks like this.
    • I sang karaoke with James Mcavoy once. We sang Mad World.
    • I was a boy scout. I can whittle, I guess.
    • My first job was at a movie theater. I snuck into ALL the movies.
    • I was a swim instructor & lifeguard for a few years. Ask me about one of my first teaching sessions. Yeesh.
    • If the cupid shuffle comes on at a wedding, avert your eyes – I'm dancing.
    • I am the 516th user of Instagram and posted the 13,241th image. Cool story, brah.
    • I might have a slight obsession with puns. Cough cough - See my instagram.
    • D'alessandro steaks is the best cheesesteak in Philly.  @ me.